Silas House



As fires devastate most of the United States, Lark and his family secure a place on a refugee boat headed to Ireland, the last country not yet overrun by extremists and rumored to be accepting American refugees. But Lark is the only one to survive the trip, and once ashore, he doesn't find the safe haven he'd hoped for. As he runs for his life, Lark finds an abandoned dog who becomes his closest companion, and then a woman in search of her lost son. Together they form a makeshift family and attempt to reach Glendalough, a place they believe will offer protection. But can any community provide the safety that they seek?

For readers of novels such as "Station Eleven", "The Dog Stars", and "Migrations", "Lark Ascending" is a moving and unforgettable story of friendship, family, and healing.


Silas House is the "New York Times" bestselling author of seven novels, one book of creative nonfiction, and three plays. His writing has appeared in the "New York Times" , the "Atlantic" , the "Advocate" , "Time" , "Garden & Gun" , and other publications. A former commentator for NPR's All Things Considered , House is the winner of the Nautilus Award, the Storylines Prize from the NAV/New York Public Library, an E. B. White Honor, and many other awards.