Larry Wells



William Faulkner: The Cofield Collection is a photo-biography about the life and work of Nobel laureate William Faulkner depicting his childhood in Oxford, Mississippi, his family members, his student days at the University of Mississippi, and his growing success as an author; shown also are the ruined southern mansions, farms and country stores which Faulkner wrote about in his fictitional "Yoknapatawpha County"; featuring the iconic images of Faulkner by his family photographers, J. R. Cofield, Jack Cofield, and others; coffee table size, 302 photographs, 214 pages. "This family album out of Yoknapatawpha country is a more satisfying answer to what Faulkner was like than many more formal biographies." (Robert Wells, The Milwaukee Journal)"A superb photo-biography... A treasure trove that in its unvarnished simplicity richly illuminates the life and work of America's finest novelist." (Henry Kisor, The Chicago Sun-Times):The author and his Yoknapatawpha County grow a good deal more imaginable and accessible and rather less formidable in the pages of this delightful book." (Charles Champlin, The Los Angeles Times)


Founded in 1975, Yoknapatawpha Press is a southern regional press owned and operated by co-publishers, Lawrence Wells and the late Dean Faulkner Wells. Most of the press's projects are generated in-house.The company is named for William Faulkner's fictional county, Yoknapatawpha, from the Chickasaw word meaning "gentle water."