John C. Mannone



here are two constants in the poetry of John Mannone: love and science... And they are intertwined - his poems flow effortlessly between poles of desire and precious, precise knowledge. In the world of poetry there is no one who can mine science for metaphor the way Mannone does. Nor move to love so naturally.
~Roald Hoffmann, chemist and writer, professor emeritus at Cornell University and co-recipient of the 1981 Nobel Prize in Chemistry


John C. Mannone is the poetry editor forSilver Blade, Liquid Imagination, Abyss & Apex, and American Diversity Report.

Curated by Grace Writers, he was awarded the 2020 Carol Owen Memorial Fiction Award and 2nd place for the 2021 Excellence in Poetry Award. He's recipient of the 2017 Jean Ritchie Fellowship in Appalachian literature and has won the 2015 and 2017 Joy Margrave award for creative nonfiction as well as the 2015 poetry award, and the 2018 children's literature award, all curated by Tennessee Mountain Writers. Outside literary circles, he has been a professor of physics and a nuclear consultant. He is active in astronomy outreach and research and has served as a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador for the Great State of Tennessee (2008-2014). He lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.