Delaney Gray



Reckoning invites readers to bear witness to 2020 from diverse angles, from a front porch in Knoxville to a virtual classroom in Johnson City; from the tornado-ravaged neighborhood of East Nashville to the sidewalks of Memphis. These writers find surprising moments of joy and solace and humor in the midst of crisis, but they do not shy from expressing grief and acute longing. Their essays, stories, and poems give us vivid glimpses of an unforgettable year, one in which we were all challenged to reckon with ourselves, our sense of community and safety, our commitment to justice, and our place on this planet.


Delaney Gray lives in the Inglewood neighborhood of Nashville and has been a Tennessean for almost her entire life. She loves Harry Potter and believes that Left on Base is the most important statistic in baseball. When she's not writing, she works at the Nashville office of Lyft, Inc., and spends her spare time in the kitchen with her husband Austin and four unimpressed cats.