Clay Matthews



Four-Way Lug Wrench is part highway manifesto and part elegy for a thousand things lost on the road of life. These poems explore the cyclical nature of seasons, hope, tragedy, and wheels perpetually spinning.

Four-Way Lug Wrench carries us down a dusty road in a rusty beater sprung through with daffodils. There where memory never settles, the driver grips the wheel with hands thick with garden dirt, engine oil, and chicken grease. Each poem - welded together - a song of strength. This gritty beautiful ride holds still all that is passed, for a moment, in a landscape all so familiar and strange at once. ~Jan LaPerle

A well-traveled route where a Four-way Lug Wrench comes in handy from time to time, but which end to use? The one that fits. Clay Matthews hands us a sack full of colorful characters and settings and questions as to why we are on the road we never asked for when we already know we're at the destination. ~Mick Kennedy, Editor, The Heartland Review


Clay Matthews has published poetry in journals such as the American Poetry Review, Blackbird, Kenyon Review, The Southern Review, and elsewhere. His books are Superfecta (Ghost Road Press), RUNOFF (BlazeVox), Pretty, Rooster, and Shore (both from Cooper Dillon). He currently lives in Elizabethtown, KY and teaches at Elizabethtown Community & Technical College.