Adam Vines



Written almost exclusively in traditional, modified, and nonce forms, the poems in Lures renegotiate grief, trauma, southern masculinities, and fatherhood with unflinching resolve. This new collection by Adam Vines draws much of its subject matter and imagery from fishing, revealing how close observations of species, spawning cycles, predation and feeding patterns, underwater topographies, water clarity, and lure choice reflect larger themes of what it means to be lured through memories of those who have passed and those who remain present.

With Lures, Vines proposes that by reconstructing the stories from our past, we gain a greater understanding of our cultural identities and inheritances from those who made an impact on our lives.


Adam Vines is professor of English and director of Creative Writing at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he is editor of Birmingham Poetry Review. He is the author of three collections of poetry, including Out of Speech (LSU Press, 2022), and coauthor of two collections. His work has appeared in Poetry, the Kenyon Review, and the Southern Review, among other journals.